Frigeria Srl: Water coolers & dispensing systems production


Here you have our complete range of products.


A wide range of models little in dimensions but with high performances. Smart and innovative design for Home&Office.

Overcounter and undercounter models with cooling capacity from 8l/h to 25 l/h. Cooling dry system or ice bank system.

Water dispensing system with soft touch control or mechanical control for cold and room temperature water, sparkling, light sparkling and cold sparkling water.


A complete range of cooling system overcounter, undercounter with ice bank cooling system and different cooling capacities.

From 35 l/h to 360 l/h for HoReCa needs.

Tropicalized system to grant high performances also where temperatures are really high.

This is a clever solution to have delicious table water, cold and cold sparkling water.


Frigeria fountains are strong and functional and you can hae them in a very wide range of models that can be suitable for offices, schools, stations, hospitals, and lots of public places.

RC models with direct cooling system or with hermetic tank cooling system (RS models), with push button or with pedal control. Panels in metal sheet laminated or in stainless steel.

You can also have the FRIGERIA fountains in the wall version you can mount on the wall at the height you wish.


Cooling POU with direct connection to the water-plant, for offices and public places

All our models are simply to be used and with friendly service, available also with reels to be moved easily.

Storically POU were famous for room temperature and cold water dispensing, but nowadays you can also have them with hot and sparkling water dispensing.

Linea extra

Frigeria is not only water dispensing system production
In the ExtraLine you will find some models Frigeria studied for clients/needs

Ionized alkaline water dispensing system

Drink and beverage dispensing systems studied for hotel breakfast etc…

  • Public water houses for municipalities with “insert coin” or “key/card” payment system;
  • Multipure filter for 3 different filtration cycles;
  • Filtration systems to have pure water dispensing.


Frigeria offers a wide range of accessories to complete your dispensing system and with high performances: taps, mixers, columns, drop tray and CO2 bottles, pressure reducers and installation kits.

Our technical team stay at complete disposal to help the client finding and choosing the best and most suitable accessory for your cooling dispensing system.

Download PDF accessories catalog

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